Private Jet Charter – Top Travel Accessories

DuPage Admin | October 23, 2014

For those about to board a private jet for a businesses trip or weekend retreat, traveling with a few key accessories can make an already luxurious experience an ideal experience. Because you deserve to fly like royalty, carrying on these top travel accessories is a must:

A Compressible Pillow

For those hoping to get a little shuteye while in the air, traveling in your own private jet provides the relaxation necessary for sleep while flying. A compressible pillow, though, can act as a little piece of comfort from home both on and off the flight. Not only are compressible pillows, like the one provided by Therm-a-Rest, incredibly cozy, but they also roll up to a small and manageable size that’s easy for storage. And the pillows aren’t just for the plane – can’t sleep on those oversized hotel pillows? Pull out your compressible one for a good night’s rest.

Refillable Travel Bottles for When You Arrive

Refillable travel bottles are an essential part of traveling, especially when hotel shampoos just won’t do. Squeezable, cleanable, refillable travel tubes allow you to pack all of the things that you need, ranging from soap and shampoo to lotion or cologne. As DuPage Aerospace’s jets have all of the amenities you’ll need, have your travel bottles filled on the plane so that you’re ready for any adventure that your destination has to offer. GoToob manufactures perfectly-sized (two ounces), no-drip containers that are great for travel. And don’t forget a travel bag to put your travel bottles in. An element-proof storage bag that’s waterproof, tearproof, and spillproof can save you from hassle and mess, and will prove useful whether hiking for a day or shopping for hours.

A Travel Charger

A dead appliance is incredibly inconvenient when traveling. Be it your tablet, phone, or laptop, those who are frequent travelers – especially business travelers – know that fully-charged appliances are more than a convenience; they’re a necessity. As such, investing in a travel charger, especially one that has multiple ports and is easily stored, is a good idea. The roll-up travel charger provided by Restoration Hardware is professional, efficient, small, and suave. And with DuPage Aerospace, you can charge all of your appliances while aboard your private flight, ensuring that you’re ready to go upon landing.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

It’s doubtful that while flying on your private jet you’ll have to deal with a lot of unwanted noise – no loud children, crying babies, or babbling passengers. Nonetheless, a great set of noise cancelling headphones can ensure that you get the most optimal flight experience, free from distracting sounds, like your children’s game of Monopoly that’s interfering with your nap. Bose noise cancelling headphones are some of the best in the industry, and can provide you with plenty of uninterrupted think or sleep time.

A Camera

While you probably won’t need your camera for the jet travel itself, even the busiest of businessmen may want to snap a shot of the Eiffel Tower or Parthenon while on a work trip. For those who are traveling for pleasure alone, a camera is a must. The Fujifilm X-T1 provides a great high-quality lens for photo-happy travelers, and the Olympus TG 3 is a camera that’s small and compact, as well as freezeproof, shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof.

Traveling in comfort is easy to achieve. When the top travel accessories listed above are combined with the private jet charter flight services provided by DuPage Aerospace, your flying experience will be more luxurious than ever before.