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DuPage Admin | May 30, 2014

Soccer’s Biggest Stage – World Cup Soccer 2014

The World Cup is the largest, and arguably the most electrifying, sporting event on Earth. This year’s competition kicks off on June 12th in Brazil, a soccer-crazed country also known for its party atmosphere, passionate people and bikini-clad beaches. The month-long tournament is a uniquely international experience with pride, colors and song on display from each of the 32 qualifying countries. The World Cup brings together the best players from the planet’s most popular game, ofttimes pairing rival countries in the political world in a one-on-one battle for sporting supremacy.

Private Jet company Soccer Chicago Brazil

As the soccer world prepares for its stay in the land of samba, sun and Carnival, the sights and sounds of the games are truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed. With the next two World Cups scheduled to be held far outside the Western Hemisphere in Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022, this year will be the closest World Cup to Chicago and the U.S. for at least a dozen years.

Why Fly Private Charter to Brazil

Traveling to Brazil for the World Cup is not as difficult as it may seem. With an expected 3.7 million people traveling within the country during the World Cup, including 600,000 people coming to the games from outside of Brazil, chartering a private jet may be the fan’s version of the smart, tactical decisions they hope to see from their team’s coaches. With heavy traffic likely at most major commercial airports and tickets in limited quantity, fans may want to charter a private jet from Chicago to Brazil. Hiring a private jet company provides fans with flexibility to maneuver around issues such as crowds, weather and seat availability that would otherwise keep you sidelined. If your favorite team advances past group play and into the knockout round, charter jets provide additional flexibility to make those last-minute plans with ease, ensuring you are there to support your squad all the way.

Private Jet Travelers – What to Expect

Travelers to the World Cup can expect to experience a scene unlike anything typically found at sporting events here in the U.S. Stadiums will be swirling with choreographed cheers and chants sung in unison by fans covered from head-to-toe in their country’s colors. Whereas a sporting event in America may feature music played through an arena’s sound system, fans at a World Cup game are just as likely to make the music themselves. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa featured the omnipresent hum of the vuvuzela – long, plastic horns that fans blared by the thousands. In Brazil, fans are expected to provide the sound of the 2014 games through a maraca-like shaker called a caxirola.

Twelve Brazilian cities will host World Cup matches, including the northeastern city of Natal, where the United States – or ‘Yanks’ as you will likely hear the team referred to at the World Cup – will open up their play on June 16th against the African nation of Ghana. Also a featured host is Rio De Janeiro, as the famed party city and home of the Copacabana Beach will close out the World Cup by hosting its championship game on July 13th. The cities of Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Cuiaba, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Recife, Salvador and Sao Paulo complete the list of host communities, which together encompass approximately 10,000 miles in distance. Air travel is expected to be the prime mode of transportation between the games as land travel is not always possible through the naturally pristine Amazon basin landscape of Brazil that occupies portions of the planet’s fifth largest country. A Chicago private jet charter offers Windy City soccer fans a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of this natural beauty through the flexibility in planning that charter flights allow compared to a commercial airlines.

Stars of the 2014 World Cup Soccer Tournament

This year’s World Cup features reigning champion Spain possessing a solid shot at capturing a consecutive championship and becoming just the sixth country to win multiple titles since the tournament was first held in 1930. Standing in their way is Brazil, who leads all nations with five World Cup championships, but who last fielded a title team in 2002. Brazil features star power in forward Neymar as the 22-year-old, who plays professionally for F.C. Barcelona. Neymar has drawn comparisons to his fellow countryman and soccer icon Pele. Star quality is also the name of Portugal’s game as soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo enters the FIFA World Cup fresh off leading his Real Madrid club to the UEFA Champions League title. Also expected to compete for the cup are world soccer stalwarts Argentina – led by the game’s highest paid player in Lionel Messi – and a solid German team anchored by Thomas Mueller, who was named the Best Young Player at the 2010 World Cup.

Private Jet to World Cup Soccer – 2014 Brazil

The Agencia Nactional de Aiacao Civil (ANAC) – the Brazilian governing body overseeing aviation to and within the country – requires a landing permit for single entry into the country, while a domestic overflight permit is required for any type of flight making internal legs within Brazil. Following is a list of the 12 World Cup host cities and the nearest airport(s) to the stadium (including stadium name and its proximity to the airport in kilometers):
• Belo Horizonte / Tancredo Neves-Confins International Airport / Estadio Mineirao / 36 KM
• Brasilia / Brasilia-Presidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport / Estadio Nacional / 15 KM
• Cuiaba / Marechal Rondon Airport / Estadio Pantanal / 8 KM
• Curitiba / Afonso Pena International Airport / Estadio da Baixada / 17 KM
• Fortaleza / Pinto Martins International Airport / Estadio Castelao / 6 KM
• Manaus / Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes International Airport / Estadio Amazonia / 11 KM
• Natal / Augusto Severo International Airport / Estadio das Dunas / 13 KM
• Porto Alegre / Salgado Filho International Airport / Estadio Beira-Rio / 14 KM
• Recife / Guararapes – Gilberto Freyre International Airport / Arena Pernambuco / 20 KM
• Rio de Janeiro / Santo Dumont Airport / Estadio do Maracana / 9 KM
• Rio de Janeiro / Galeão International Airport / Estadio do Maracana / 16 KM
• Salvador / Deputado Luiz Eduardo Magalhães International Airport / Arena Fonte Nova / 4KM
• Sao Paulo / Guarulhos International Airport / Arena de Sao Paulo / 21 KM
• Sao Paulo / Congonhas Airport / Arena de Sao Paulo / 30 KM
• Sao Paulo / Viracopas International Airport / Arena de Sao Paulo / 110 KM

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